Leadership Program

The goal of the Leadership Department is to encourage students to become empowered public speakers, coming out of their shell so they can speak strongly and clearly about what issues are important to them. By exploring their own interests and passions, students are able to propel their own policies by taking the time to read, research, analyze, write, and then affirm their cases while respectfully opposing the ideas of others. Our classes emphasize important critical thinking skills, the consideration of bias and alternate points of view, and how to work as part of a team, all for preparation to be future leaders! As our programs focus on mastering fundamentals of public speaking, such as articulation, grammar, reading, writing, and research skill-building, higher level classes will also teach multiple forms of academic and competitive debating, as well as studying historical speeches and public forums. Armed with knowledge and critical analysis skills, students will be able to become policy advocates working towards social justice, highly capable of competing with their teammates in front of audiences and their peers.

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