Award-Winning Literature Critique Group (1st-8th)


The Award-Winning Literature Critique Group I course offers an in-depth study into grade-level appropriate books. This class gives students the opportunity to explore a large work of fiction and be introduced to celebrated authors, such as Roald Dahl and E.B. White. The teacher engages students in thoughtful discussions and evaluation of literary works. It aims to equip students with higher-level thinking skills as they embark on a fantastic journey of reading.

In the Award-Winning Literature Critique Group II course, students read and respond to historically or culturally significant works of literature. They begin to find ways to clarify ideas and make connections between novels. Students will be introduced to acclaimed authors, such as R.J. Palacio and Chris Van Allsburg. The teacher will encourage students in developing their understanding of literary works through group discussions, critique, and evaluations.

In the Award-Winning Literature Critique Group III course, students read, analyze and respond to a wide range of classic and contemporary works of literature. They describe and connect essential ideas, arguments, and perspectives of text by using their knowledge of text structure, organization, and purpose. Students will be introduced to prize-winning authors, such as Lois Lowry and S.E. Hinton. The course aims to develop students’ proficiency in the ability to reason, think critically, communicate effectively, and appreciate literary works. 

In the Award-Winning Literature Critique Group IV course, the focus will be on reading and analysis of prominent texts and their historical and social contexts. Students will read critically, develop their own interpretations, and explain to others the meaning and significance of specific literary texts. Students will be introduced to major figures in the literary world, such as Harper Lee and John Steinbeck.

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