Public Speaking (1st-3rd)


Students Public Speaing I class focus on introductory public speaking. By becoming familiar with different forms of public speaking, the students will be able to have the opportunity to gain real experience speaking in front of the teacher as well as their classmates. Beginning with Informative and Persuasive Speaking, students will begin to build a plan for giving a speech, face the common fears of speaking, and move on to more limited preparation styles of speaking. Students will also begin to focus on current event topics and become familiar with the world around them and their place in it.

Students begin level II by reviewing the structure they learned in level I. From there, students begin learning how to speak to actuate real world action among their listeners. As they move towards more advanced public speaking topics and current events issues, students will be able to integrate research into their public speaking by learning how to interpret evidence and use it to drive their messages. As they prepare to move on to the debate classes, students will become familiar with basic elements of argumentation and the structure of speaking with a purpose.

Main Goals:

  • To prepare students to engage in competitive public speaking

  • To help students become more confident writers

  • To help create inspired public speakers 

  • To help develop performance skills

  • To help students perfect varying forms of public speaking

Overall Skills

  • Writing a speech (8-10 paragraphs)

  • Performing speeches

  • Memorization

  • Humorous Speaking

  • Dramatic Speaking

  • Platform Speaking

  • Limited Preparation Speaking

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