Speech & Debate II (6th-8th)


Course Desciption

As students begin the Speech & Debate II class, they will review the art of audience adaptation and thinking strategically in their preparation time. Furthermore, students will begin to consider debate theory arguments and how competing advocacies function in a debate round. At this point, students now will have the opportunity to start considering the issue of debate frameworks. Teams often compete between a policy making framework and a critical framework. From the Affirmative and the Negative points of view, students will have to begin defending the framework through which they ask the judge to evaluate the debate rounds.

Main Goals

  • To create a team of empowered policy advocates

  • To help students prepare for academic competition

  • To make students college and career ready 

  • To produce results on the ILearn competitive Debate team

Overall Skills

  • Critical reading and writing

  • Public speaking

  • Social justice advocacy

  • Critical analysis

  • Teamwork

  • Academic competition preparation

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