R&W Learners II (K)


Course Description

Our R&W (Reading and Writing) Learners II Program provides engaging activities that focuses on reinforcing phonetic sounds and introducing important grammar rules for young children, aging  from 5 to 7. It is the second of the Reading and Writing series focusing on teaching correct grammar usage, which guides them into reading and writing more detailed and complex sentences. At the end of our nine-month program, the children will be able to create descriptive sentences through multiple styles of writing (poems, letters, etc), read complex sentences more fluently, study longer stories (like chapter books), and be able to identify multiple story elements within it. All of this knowledge will lay down a strong foundation for when they move on to Learners 3.

Course Objectives

  • Fluently read words and sentences that include phonograms.

  • Understand basic grammar for parts of speech and sentence writing.

  • Read and write descriptive sentences.

  • Understand story elements such as characters, setting, sequencing, summarizing, and predictions.

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