Advanced Math 5


Class Description

In iLearn’s Advanced Math Program, students will get the opportunity to explore math concepts with greater depth and complexity. The curriculum covers at least one grade level ahead. Each lesson has been carefully created to challenge and engage students so they are able to apply themselves in class and in the real world. Every advanced math lesson is divided into 5 sections: Mental Math Drills, Skill Development, Problem Solving, iLearn Challenges, and Assessment. Each section works together to bring their math ability to the next level. 

Class Units for Advanced Math Level 5:

  • Comparing and Ordering Values

  • Operations of Multi-Digit Numbers

  • Estimation & Number Theory

  • Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences

  • Work with Money & Elapsed Time

  • Operations of Decimals & Fractions

  • Percents

  • Exponents

  • Order Of Operations

  • Expressions & Equations

  • Multi-Step Problems

  • Geometry

  • Statistics & Probability

  • Proportions & Ratios

  • Circles (Radius, Diameter, & Circumference)

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