Natural Einsteins (4th-6th)


Class Description

In this course, students are introduced to new scientific concepts along with applying more advanced concepts of science in the process. Students will continue to observe, collaborate, experiment, and complete a series of activities and challenges to hone their mastery of topics in the field of science. This course has students focus more on the scientific method and better prepares them to be scientists in the field of research. Students will be challenged with critical thinking and problem-solving tasks. This course will introduce new challenges in the realm of research and experimentation. Students completing this course not only expand their knowledge in the world of science, but strengthen their skills as scientists.

Class Topics

  • Molecular Interactions and Reactions

  • Scientific Questioning and Experimentation

  • Analyzing and Recording Data

  • Energy

  • Force and Other Application of Physics

  • Differences in Molecules

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Periodic Table

  • Heat, Air, Rain, and Temperature

  • Seasons and Weather

  • The Sun and Moon

  • Adaptations and Evolution 

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