Spike Programming (1st-3rd)


Class Description

This course utilizes Lego Education's go-to Steam learrning tool Spike prime set that will build upon students' software and hardware skills. We will use a drag-and-drop coding language based on the Scratch laguage. Students will also use the option to explore text-based coding with Python in this course. Students will continuously be engaged through thought-provoking challenges and learning activities regardless of their learning level. Our lessons will challenging students to brainstorm, collarborate, process information, develop software and hardware to achieve their goals. Students will progressively be more competition-ready as they hone and strengthen their programming skills. All in all, our Spike course helps students learn the essential STEAM and 21st-century skills needed to become the creative minds of tomorrow...while having fun of course!

Class Topics

  • Main Programming

  • Writing Pseudocode

  • Collaboration

  • Motion

  • Sound

  • Visual Effects

  • Parallel execution

  • Communication

  • Sequencing

  • Loops

  • Events

  • Conditionals

  • Debugging

  • Hardware

  • Values and Operatord

  • Variables

  • Record and analyze data

  • Arrays and lists

  • Encryption

  • Functions

  • Efficiency testing

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