Social Study Program

The History-Social Science department is meant to help students in their emigration to cultural norms of the American economic, political, and social structure. Students are taught about the events that constitute Ancient, Medieval, and Modern history. This class is important for cultural immersion because as students enter the US education system, they are often unfamiliar with the events that led to the foundations of American democracy, mass migration to the US, and how the constitution and federalism function in American society. For students who are entering a nation that is founded on the ideals of free market capitalism, separation of powers, and individual responsibility, students need a foundational course on the founders of the US, and the role America plays in the world. Further, students also take courses in religion and world history at their respective schools. Most students are unfamiliar with the history of Europe, Africa, and Latin America. They need help understanding the history of these societies and how they helped shape the modern world. From a religious standpoint, students are also expected to learn world religions in American and world history courses. Many are unfamiliar with monotheism, paganism, and other polytheistic belief systems that make up world history. For students who are enrolled at schools based on Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), help understanding these concepts is vital.

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